Church Of The Holy City

9119-128A Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5E 0J6


Rev. Dr. David J. Fekete

We encourage free-thinking in spiritual matters. For us, faith is reasonable, not blind. Faith calls us to embody in our lives the perfect love and wisdom we find in Jesus. Yet we recognize that in other cultures, God has different names. God calls everyone to join in heavenly blessings, joys, and delights–everyone, everywhere, of every faith. We offer traditional worship services Sunday at 11:00AM. But we are always seeking new ways to express spirituality in community. Come share God’s joy with us, and bring us God as you understand God.

Pastor Dave holds a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Religion and Literature from the University of Virginia. With his broad background in world religions and literature, he welcomes open discussion and exploration with all seekers.

Rev. David Fekete’s new book, The Struggle and Ecstasy of Living Spiritually is now available for purchase. It is a collection of stories that illustrate a spiritual concept with relevant Swedenborg quotes interspersed. It is for all readers: rigorous theologians or fellow sojourners along the road to spirituality. Please go to:


and search under David Fekete

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We offer weddings to spiritually-minded people who want a church wedding, but do not have a home church of their own: